Preferences Tab

Use this tab to control the Kyocera MFP internal attributes for storing, forwarding, and routing MFP messages.

Option Description
Home Directory

Specify the root directory where the server creates all temporary directories and files necessary for controlling the MFP related traffic. The server must have proper permission to write to that directory.

Port Number

The TCP/IP port number used by the server to communicate the group, form, and menu updates to the Kyocera device. The server listens on this port number to receive requests from all the Kyocera devices.

The same port number must be configured on the Kyocera MFP device.

Time out

A device connecting to the server establishes a session with the server, collecting menu, form, and group updates. If there is no ongoing communication between the MFP device and the server, the device will close the connection due to inactivity.

Enter the session time out value here. By default, after 2 minutes of inactivity the device will close the session with the server.

  • Processed files — The directory where the captured files (send to folder/application files) are stored into upon completion of successful routing.  If you turn this attribute on, all files are stored into the Processed Files directory when the server successfully completes writing them into the destination location.  Keep in mind, if this is turned on, a copy of every file that has been routed successfully is saved on this directory.  Make sure that proper disk storage is allocated for this directory.
  • Rejected files — The Rejected Files directory is used for storing any files that failed to store into the final destination location.  The failure could be due to any number of reasons and it must be researched through searching the application log file entries. Typically, it is beneficial to have a secondary process that takes this directory as an input and routes messages out to system administrator and warns them of failure.

    The server must have sufficient permissions to access this directory.