MFP Menu Tab

The MFP Menu tab consists of a single graphical display of all MFP device groups, menus, forms, and fields.  Each of these entities can be managed directly from this tab using the side buttons available on this tab.

The MFP Menu tab contains “Common MFP Group” entry presented on the top of the list of the menus display.  The Common MFP Group, unlike other MFP groups, does not take any device members.  By default, any MFP that is not a member of other MFP groups is considered a member of this group.  Use the Common MFP Group to create the default menus/forms definitions appearing on your most common MFP devices.

Option Description
Add Group

Use the Add Group button on the MFP Menu tab to create additional MFP groups. MFP devices that are members of a group have a menu structure that is independent of the Common MFP Group.

When you click the Add Group button on the MFP Menu tab, the MFP Group dialog box appears. The MFP Group dialog box contains the following elements:

  • Group Name — This name is a string value that describes the group. It does not appear on the MFP, but is used as a logical group name.
  • Group Devices — This area of the dialog box lists the member-MFP host names or IP addresses. To add devices, enter the IP address of the MFP. An MFP that is added to this group no longer has the same menu structure as the Common MFP Group. MFPs that are removed from this group inherit the menus from the Common MFP Group.
    • Test Address: Click on this button to confirm IP connectivity to the device.
    • Remove: Select a device entry and press Remove to remove a device from the list.
Add Menu Add a menu to create a hierarchy.  The menu items are simply an entry within a tree hierarchy.
  • MFP Menu Name — The name of the menu item.
Edit Click this button to edit properties for a selected group, menu, or form.
Remove Click this button to remove a select group, menu, or form.