Adding icons to a task

You can create icons for Konica Minolta forms. These should be saved in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, 48x48 pixels, and 8-bit color density (256 colors). You can use any image editor that supports this format to create an icon. For instructions on how to create an icon using the PictBear freeware program, see Image Configuration. You can follow the same general steps to create an icon image with a different image editor.

After you create icons, use the Icon button on the General tab of the Konica Minolta MFP settings to add or edit icons in a task. When you add an icon to a task, it is copied to a .pnl file. The icon will only be available to forms in that task, although you can add either the .pnl file or the original .png file to other tasks. The Konica Minolta component stores icon files in its Drop Here folder.