Shared form

A shared form is a form that can be used in more than one menu and group.

Shared forms can be managed through the shared forms management Form List dialog box. Any of the four basic form types (Basic, Sharepoint, Email or Smarticket) can be shared.

To add a shared form to a group or menu, right-click the group or menu, and click Add > Shared Form on the shortcut menu. In the Form List dialog box, click the form that you want to add to the group or menu, and then click the OK button.

Option Description
Form List The Form List table shows the following information:
  • Display Name — Shows the names of shared forms that have been defined for the component.
  • # of Refs — Shows the number of menus and groups that contain each shared form.
Add Creates a new shared form. Choose one of the four form types to use for the shared form.
Remove Removes the selected shared form.
Edit Edits the selected shared form.
Refs Opens the References to Shared Form dialog box, which lists the groups and menus that contain the shared form. To remove a reference, click the reference and then click the group or menu in the list, and then click the Remove button.

Shared forms can be managed by clicking the Shared Forms button on the menu bar of the Konica Minolta MFP configuration dialog box. You can use the Shared Forms button to view, add, and edit shared forms, but it will not add a selected form to a group or menu. To do that you need to use the shortcut menu command.