Tree field options

A tree field allows users to select items from a tree.

To add the first node, right-click the empty box and click Add Root Node. To add additional nodes, right-click the box and select one of the following:

  • Add Root Node Adds an additional root node to the tree.
  • Add Adds an additional node to a selected node.

To edit a tree node, right-click a selected node and click Edit.

To remove a tree node, right-click a selected node and click Remove.

Option Description
Value of the Node Enter the value for a tree node. By default, the path of the node will be used as a value.
Default Selected Node Select this check box to make a selected node the default
Button Size Select the button size for the field:
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
Raise Search Event Select this check box to raise an event when a search is performed on the field.
Path Separator Enter a path separator. This delimits node values in the value returned by the field RRT. The RRT value returns the hierarchy of node values that define the selection made by a user. For example, if the path separator is '\' and the user selects user selects the node with the value "Grandchild node" then the RRT returns the value hierarchy "Root node\Child node\Grandchild node".