Text field options

A text field allows users to enter unformatted text, such as sentences, names, numbers, date and time.

Option Description
Default The default alphanumeric data that initially appears on the device panel.
Mode Select the list type:
  • Simple — The field will be displayed as a simple text box.
  • ReadOnly — The user cannot edit the field.
  • Masked — The text in the field will be masked.
  • Hidden — The field will not be visible on the control panel.
Maximum Characters Specifies the maximum number of characters that may be entered in the field. The default maximum length is 32767.
Type The suggested list type that will be presented to the user.
  • None — No suggestion list.
  • List — Users can select from a list of values.
  • Search — Allows users to enter a search string that matches values. Users can enter an exact string to match a particular value, use the * wildcard character to return all values containing a substring, or leave the value blank to return all values.
Raise Search Even Select this check box to raise an even when a search is performed.
Button Size Specifies the size of the suggestion list or search button.
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
Button Name Specifies the name of the suggestion list or search button.
Prepopulated Values Provides space to enter suggested values. Type in the Prepopulated Values column to enter or replace a value in the list. The search is not case-sensitive.