Folder Browser field options

A folder browser field allows users to select documents in a selected folder.

Option Description
Folder path Enter the complete path to a folder on a device or click the browse button (...) to open the Browse for Folder dialog box to select a folder.

In the Browse for Folder dialog box, you must select from the starting folder path on a device and then click OK to add each additional folder in a path until the target folder is reached.

For example, if the target folder path is C:\install\folder1\folder2 and the field is configured with the folder path of C:\install, then click the browse button and select "C:\install" and click OK to start at C:\install. To extend the folder path, you must click the browse button again to select "folder1" and click OK, and then click the browse button a third time to select "folder2" and click OK.

Button Size Specify the button size for the field:
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small