Date/Time field options

A date/time field allows users to enter dates.

Option Description
Default Enter the default for the field or select the Default to "now" check box to default the date to the current date and time. If a default value is entered, the format must match the Mode selected.
Default to "now" Select this check box to show the current time on the console for the default time.
Mode Click one of the modes:
  • Date — Results in yyyy/MM/dd
  • Date and Time — Results in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm
  • Time — Results in HH:mm
  • Date and Time — Results in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm zzz
Return format Specify the return format for date/time data. Use a drop down list for format examples. Using the elements of this format, the user can specify a return format of MM/dd/yyyy , MM-dd-yyyy " or MM.dd.yyyy . Any delimiter or separator may be chosen. For more information on custom date and time format strings see Custom Date and Time Format Strings.


  • DD, MM dd, yy is “Monday, January 03, 2009”
  • yy-mm-dd hh:mm is “2009-01-03 05:35”
  • h:mm TT is “3:35 PM”