Database Lookup field options

A database lookup field allows users to specify items from a field a database table.

Option Description
Connection String Specify the path to the database. Click the browse button (...)and select the desired path. Click Connect to connect to the data source.
Connection Status Show the status for the connection after you click Connect.
Table View Choose Table/View to select the table/view. For Value Column, select the name of the column from which values will be loaded into the lookup list. For Display Column, select the name of the column which will provide the names which will be displayed in the lookup list. For more information on SQL scripting syntax see General SQL Syntax.
Query Choose this option to enter a SQL query. The SQL query will produce the results to populate the list. Entries for <ValueField> and <DisplayField> are required in the SQL query.
Button Size Specify the button size for the field:
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small