How to install Kodak Scan Station

Use this procedure to install component software on the Kodak Scan Station.

Note: You will need a USB 2.0 flash drive to move files to the Kodak Scan Station.
  1. Select C:\installation directory\Distributables\Kodak Scan Station 500 or C:\installation directory\Distributables\Kodak Scan Station 100.
  2. Copy the appropriate files for the version of the Kodak Scan Station into the root directory of the USB 2.0 flash drive:
    Device Version Copy these files
    Kodak Scan Station 100 kss.100.xml and kss100update.exe
    Kodak Scan Station 500 kss.500.xml and kss500update.exe
  3. Shut down and restart the Kodak Scan Station.
  4. Depending on the version of the Kodak Scan Station, select Kodak Scan Station 100 or Kodak Scan Station 500 on the Kodak Scan Station interface/
  5. Insert the USB 2.0 flash drive into Kodak Scan Station.
  6. You will be prompted whether to update the device. Choose Yes.
    The following prompt appears: "Administrative configuration on the flash drive does not match the devices configuration.  Do you want to be prompted to update the device configuration?
  7. Select Yes.
    The following message then appears: "Software has been found, version x.x.x.x. You are currently running version x.x.x.x.  Do you want to install the software?"
  8. Click Yes.
    The following message then appears: "Please wait while software is being installed.  To complete the installation the device needs to be restarted.
  9. Click OK.
    This restarts the Kodak Scan Station.
  10. Remove USB 2.0 flash drive from the Kodak Scan Station