General tab

Enter the general XML file attributes here.

Option Description
Activate Select this check box to enable this component within the workflow process. If this component is not activated, the component will be ignored within the workflow process.
File name Enter the name of the XML file to be generated. The .xml extension must be used. If the embed documents options is used, the file will be created with the .zip extension. If this is left blank, a system generated file name will be used.
Author Enter the author of the XML document.
Comments Enter a description for the document or any other applicable comment.
Workflow name Enter the workflow name. This name is included in the XML document and can be passed to and used by components further down the workflow process.
Embed documents Select this check box to have the document embedded into the ZIP file.
  • By reference — Select this check box to have documents that are packaged in the .zip file referenced rather than embedded. If by reference, then a reference pool path must be entered. This directory path will be embedded into the XML document rather than the document itself.
  • Remove pool files on failure — If processing fails, documents that are referenced (these documents are located in the reference pool path) are removed.
  • Reference pool path — Enter the directory path where the pool files (documents) will be stored. These are the documents that are referenced by path in the zipped file.
Include field values Choose whether field values that were entered on the Fields tab will be placed into the XML document.

Select Include field values to include the field values that were entered on the Fields tab into the XML document. If you want to include additional fields to the XML file, you can do so by inserting a name and value on the Field Values tab. Applications of inserting field value provides the capability of coding or indexing your XML documents based on your process parameters.

Remap fields Fields configured in the capture component will be included in the XML document. As a result, the fields can be passed and used further down the workflow process.
Exclude fields with empty value Exclude fields that were either configured on the Fields tab or in the capture component that contain no values from the XML file.
Delete original documents Choose whether the original documents will be passed through the process or removed after the XML file has been created. If you do not delete original documents, then your process will add the XML as a new file to the list of existing files. Note that the Delete original documents option functions only when the Embed documents option has been selected.