Main Configuration Window

The component can be configured to process messages from several IMAP accounts. Each account has associated e-mail classes. An e-mail class specifies the criteria according to which email messages will be searched for in the account. The exact criteria are defined in the e-Mail Class Configuration dialog box. You can see the order of accounts and their e-mail classes in the Tree View. Accounts are represented as first level elements and classes as their children nodes.

One account can have several associated e-mail classes. For example, you can add two or more classes that will search for messages from different senders and pass them into different workflows.

Option Description
Add Click this button to add a new account or e-mail class to a selected one in the Tree View.
Remove Click this button to delete a selected account or e-mail class.
Edit Click this button to edit a selected account or e-mail class. Clicking this button displays a menu on which you can click one of the following:
  • Account to open the IMAP Account Settings dialog box.
  • e-Mail class to open the e-Mail Class Configuration dialog box.
Up, Down Use these buttons to move a selected element in the Tree View up or down.
Collapse all, Expand all, Duplicate These buttons allow you to collapse or expand the tree of accounts and to duplicate a selected item.
Accounts processing order The processing of accounts starts with the first account and goes down through the list of all account until it reaches the end, in which case the component continues checking accounts again from the top, or until the component detects an account which has a message that satisfies a criterion of this account.
  • Top to bottom — The component starts again from the top after processing the message.
  • Cyclic — The component checks all accounts sequentially and will continue to process accounts in the list after processing the message.

Checking an account consists of checking the list of associated e-mail classes in a descending order until some class matches a new message that meets class criteria.

Top to bottom Specifies that every iteration of checking emails starts with the first account in the list.
Cyclic Specifies that accounts are checked in sequence.
Home Directory Specifies the directory where the component temporarily stores its working files.
Automatically create at run-time Select this check box to have the component create the folder specified by Home Directory if it does not already exist. If you do not select this check box, the application will prompt to create the folder when you click OK to close the dialog box.