How to use HP TRIM

Use this component to send your documents into HP TRIM system.

An example of using the HP TRIM component.
  1. Create a workflow with a capture component of your type, OP OCR as a process component and the HP TRIM component as route.
  2. Configure the OP OCR parameters to recognize the text of the capture/scanned documents and to output the recognized text as .txt file.
  3. In HP TRIM, the connection parameters on the General tab.
  4. Select the record type and other properties of the new record on the Document tab.
  5. Create an external ID, and add keywords and fields to the record on the Attributes tab.
  6. Start the process.
After documents are captured, passed through and recognized by the OP OCR component, it performs OCR processes specified in the OP OCR settings and then routes the processed documents with their specified properties to the HP TRIM management system.