Troubleshooting tips

Problem Description
When you try to access the newly created or updated record, one of the following error messages appear:
  • You have no access to the created record.
  • You have no access to the updated record.
This error will appear if the record security level is higher than the security level of the user location that is used to access the record. The system allows users to create records with the security levels higher than their own ones, but in such a case users will not be allowed to modify these records or to have access to them.

To avoid this problem, make sure that the user security level is the same or greater than the security level of the record being created or modified.

The component has successfully sent documents to the server, but you can find them on the server neither by ID, nor by any other means. The possible reason is that the component allows creating a record with private settings (for example, security level or classification), to which the user will not have access after its creation.

Make sure, that the user, whose account is used for accessing to the document, has rights that meet criteria of your configuration.

When you try to upload files on to the server, the upload fails and the following error message appears:

Cannot read the file C:\Windows\TEMP\file_name.txt. The system cannot find the file specified...

Such an error may appear when the temporary folder located on the machine with HP TRIM server is full, or the current process does not have sufficient permissions to write/read into this folder. The folder path on the server is C:\Windows\TEMP\.

To fix the issue, make sure that the temporary folder is accessible for your process and does not contain a big amount of files.