Select Container dialog box

This dialog box is used for selection of container.

Option Description
Root container number Enter a unique number of container. You may search for an existing container: click the Find button and locate the container using the Find Record dialog box.
Note: If a container with the specified number does not exist, a document will be rejected at run time.
Add sub containers Use these fields to add a container that does not exist on the server. You may also use these fields to specify an existing container using RRTs. Click Add and specify container properties in the Add Container dialog box:
  • Container title: enter a title for the container.
  • Record type: enter a record type name for the container. You may select a record type from the existing list on the server, click and select a record type in the open HP TRIM Record Types dialog box.
  • Container level: this field shows the level of the selected record type.
  • Create container if it does not exist: select this check box to create a new container.