Advanced Record Properties dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure the advanced record properties.

This dialog contains a table with the list of properties set for the record and not configured on the Document tab.

Option Description
Table This table contains a list of properties set for the record.
Add Click this button to add a new record property into the table. This button opens the Add Record Property dialog box that allows you to specify the following settings of the property:
  • In the Name combo box you can select the desired property. The component supports the following advanced properties for the record only:
    • Addressee
    • Alternative Container
    • Author
    • Client
    • Other Contact
    • Related Record
    • Representative
    You can also specify the property name by way of RRTs, in this case the RRT should be replaced only with the following values:
    • ADDRESSEE for Addressee property.
    • ALT_CONTAINER for Alternative Container property.
    • AUTHOR for Author property.
    • CLIENT for Client property.
    • OTHER_CONTACT for Other Contact property.
    • RELATED_REC for Related Record property.
    • REPRESENTATIVE for Representative property.
    Note: The server administrator can change the names of the properties, but the RRTs should be replaced only with the values from this list.
  • Format: specify the property format. Only the following two formats are available:
    • Location
    • Record
    Note: When you select the property name in the Name combo box without RRT, then its format is set by default and this list box is disabled.
  • Value: specify the value for the property. You can specify it manually or use the browse button (...) to specify it by way of the one of the following dialog boxes:
    • Find Record when the property format is Record.
    • Search for Locations when the property format is Location.
    Note: RRTs are available only for specifying the Record property format in this field value. They should be replaced with the record number.
Edit Select a property in the table and click this button to edit its settings in the open Edit Record Property which provides the same functionality as Add Record Property dialog box.
Tip: You can open the Edit Record Property dialog box by double click on the selected property.
Remove Select a property in the table and click this button to remove it from the table.