Text Field Options

Option Description
Default The default alphanumeric data that initially appears on the device panel.
Max Length Specifies the maximum number of characters that may be entered in the field. The default maximum length is 32767.
Required Specifies that a value must be entered into this field before a scan can be initiated. The default value, if specified, satisfies this requirement. This check box is initially not selected.
Password Select this option to obscure data so that it cannot be read on the control panel, including while data is being entered. This obscures the value displayed on the control panel in the way that passwords are typically hidden in a user interface. This setting can be used for passwords or any field that is used for confidential information. This check box is initially not selected.
Static List Select this option to enable search assist to provide a list of item suggestions for a text field. This will speed up indexing by narrowing down the selections.
Minimum Length Indicates the minimum number of characters which the user must enter before the application will search for an auto-completion item from the list of suggestions. The default minimum length is 2.
Suggestion List Provides space to enter suggested values. The list must be sorted in alphabetical order. The search is not case-sensitive. Type in the suggested list column to enter or replace a value in the list.