How to Verify that SSL is Working with ADAM

To verify that SSL is working with ADAM, run the ADAM Tools Command Prompt and use SSL to connect ADAM.

Context for the current task

  1. In the ADAM program group, run ADAM Tools Command Prompt.
  2. Type ldp and press Enter.
  3. Click Connection > Connect.
  4. Type the DNS name of your server in the server box.
    Localhost does not work here as the DNS name is checked against the certificate.
  5. Enter the SSL port of your ADAM installation.
    Either 636 or 50001, or whatever was configured during the installation of ADAM.
  6. Select the SSL check box and hit OK.
If the installation was successful, you should get a lot of text in the right window and be able to bind using the Connection > Bind functionality.
If you still get a "8009030e No credentials are available in the security package" error message after the import, or you get an error when importing the keys into the LOCAL_MACHINE\Personal store, check that the logon account has full access to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys. Try importing the certificates directly into both LOCAL_MACHINE\Personal and ADAM\Personal instead of copying them for the Current_user store.