General tab

This tab defines the menu structure that is displayed on the HP OXPd component.

Devices can be grouped based on their IP address or hostname. Each group of devices can have its own menu structure. By default there is a single group called Default Device Group. If no additional groups are configured, all devices pointed to the workflow server will display the menu structure under the Default Device Group.

Additional device groups can be created and devices assigned to them. Using this framework you can use devices connected to the same workflow server for different functions. Drag and drop functionality is available to change the order of menus and forms that appear on the MFP control panel.

Option Description

Click Add and then click Group, Menu, Application or Form to add one of the following:

Note: Addition of elements is dependent on whether you click Group, Menu, Application, Form, or Shared Form on the Add menu.

Click this button to edit the currently selected group, menu, application, or form.


Click this button to delete the currently selected group, menu, application, or form.