Application options

Define the workflow application parameters. Workflow applications are represented by a top-level button on the MFP device. Pressing the application button may lead to one or more forms.

Option Description
Name Enter a name for the application being created. This is a string value that labels the application. This name is only used as a logical group name and does not appear on the MFP panel
Description Enter a description for the application.
Icon Select the Standard Icon check box to select one of the available icons in the box.

Clear the Standard Icon to specify custom icons. Click the browse button (...) next to each of the boxes to locate an icon.

  • "Up" Icon — The icon for the application button.
  • "Down" Icon — The icon when a user touches the application button.
  • "Disabled" Icon — The icon when the application button is disabled.

There is no size restriction for an icon. Icons are automatically resized to fit.

Action List Select this check box to enable single Touch Scan to immediately initiate a scan operation.