Managing Groups

Device groups allow you to apply different settings to different groups of devices.

A group applies menus and forms that will be displayed on the device panel. Authentication settings may also be defined for a group. By default there is a single group called the Common Group. This group cannot be deleted. If you do not configure additional groups, all devices will display the forms and menus that are configured for the Common Group.  The Common Group will always use the default authentication settings that you configure for the Fuji Xerox AIP component. These options appear on the Authentication tab of the Fuji Xerox AIP configuration dialog box.

If you need to use separate sets of forms and menus on different devices, then you will need to create additional groups and assign devices to them.  This allows devices to be used for different functions. You can configure separate authentication settings for a group or choose to use the default settings that you configure for the device. Even when you create your own groups, my may still want to define menus and forms for the Common Group, as any device that is not explicitly assigned to a group will belong to the Common Group.