How to Register Devices

Device registration options allow you to register AutoStore on devices. Device registration groups allow you to specify default administrator credentials for a group of devices so that you can quickly register multiple devices without logon errors.

  1. If necessary, double-click the Fuji Xerox AIP component in a workflow to open the Fuji Xerox AIP settings dialog box.
  2. Click the Device Registration tab.
  3. Click the Start Registration Manager button.

Define custom registration groups:

  1. Click Add Registration Group on the menu bar to open the Edit Device Group dialog box.
    Note: This dialog box opens initially when there are no device groups.
  2. For Device Group Name, enter the name for the registration group.
  3. For Connect to Server using Address, enter either the name or IP address of the machine where the workflow server is installed.
  4. For General Device Access Settings, enter the Admin User name and Password.
  5. Click OK to save your changes in the Edit Device Group settings dialog box.

Add device to registration group:

  1. Click Add Device to open the Add Device dialog box.
  2. For Device Address, enter either the name or IP address of the device.
  3. To use access settings configured the group, select the Use Group Access Settings check box and skip to step #FJX0733__save_device_settings.
  4. Enter Admin User name, Password, and AutoStore menu position for the device.
    Note: The AutoStore menu position determines where the AutoStore icon will appear in the list of external applications by the MFP.
  5. Click OK to save changes to settings in the Add Device dialog box.

Register devices

  1. In the Device Registration dialog box, select the registration group to be registered.
  2. Click Register on the menu bar.
    You must ensure that the AutoStore icon is placed in the correct menu position on each MFP. This action will effectively overwrite previous values.
    You will see a status bar at the bottom of the window, which will display the number of devices that were successfully registered.

Adding multiple devices:

You can open a comma separated list of device addresses parameters into the Registration Manager. For details about the device list format, see Import Device List.

  1. In the Device Registration dialog box, click the device group to which you want to import devices
  2. click the Import Device List hyperlink.
  3. In the Open dialog box, specify the CSV file that contains the list
  4. Click Open.