How to Create a Form from a Template

You can use a form template to add a form to a group.

A form must be saved for the component to a template file before you can perform this procedure. See Saving a Form as a Template.

A form template is an XML formatted file that saves the all of the settings that are required to reproduce a form in a different Fuji Xerox AIP group or menu.

  1. If necessary, double-click the Fuji Xerox AIP component in a workflow to open the Fuji Xerox AIP settings dialog box.
  2. On the Groups tab, click the group or menu where you want to add a form from a template.
  3. Click Add Form > From Template on the menu bar.
  4. In the Template file box, enter the full path to the form template file.
  5. Optional: If the template is for a dynamic template, enter the full path to the template script file in the Dynamic Form script file box.
    You can click the browse button (...) to locate the script file.
  6. Click the Create button.
    This opens the Form Settings dialog box.
  7. Enter a new name for the form and make any other necessary changes to the form settings.
  8. Click the OK button when you are finished editing the form.
Completing this procedure adds a new form based on the template to the selected menu or group.