How to Add Fields to a Form

Add fields to a form to gather information from users and pass values from the form to subsequent components in a workflow.

Before you can perform this procedure, the Form Settings dialog must be open for the form that you want to edit. See Editing a Form.
  1. In the Form Settings dialog box, click the Fields tab.
  2. In the Name column of the last row of the table, type the name of the field.
    The name can be any combination of alphanumeric characters. Special characters (for example, ~, !, @, #, $, %) are not allowed. The maximum number of characters for this field is 64.
  3. In the Display column, type an alternative text to represent the field on the MFP console.
    If this column is left empty, then the field name will be displayed on the MFP console.
  4. In the Type column, choose how the data for the field will be collected by selecting an option:
    Field Type Allows users to
    Checkbox Set yes/no or true/false values by selecting or clearing a check box.
    Date Enter date values based on selected date formats.
    List Present users with a list of choices from which users select the desired item.
    Lookup List Dynamically retrieve values from an OBDC data source.
    Numeric Enter numeric values.
    Text Enter unformatted text into a text box such as sentences, names, numbers, date, and time.
    Tree Select an item from a tree list.
  5. Optional: To require users to enter a value for a field, select the check box in the Required field column.
  6. To trigger an event when the value of the field changes, select the Notify server check box.
    The event can be responded to in the script specified in the Dynamic Form section on the General tab.
  7. To configure properties for the field, click the browse button (...) in the Properties column.
    This opens a window that allows you to configure properties for the specified the field type. For information about options for a field, click the Help button
  8. Repeat this procedure for each field that you want to add to the form.