How to Edit a Form

This topic describes how to edit form settings, cut, copy, paste, delete, and reorder forms.

  1. If necessary, double-click the Fuji Xerox AIP component in a workflow to open the Fuji Xerox AIP settings dialog box.
  2. You can do any of the following:
    To Do this
    Open the Form Settings dialog box to edit a form. Click the form to select it, then click the Edit on the menu bar. You can also double-click a form.
    Cut or copy a form Right-click the form and click Cut or Copy on the shortcut menu.
    Paste a cut or copied form Right-click a group or menu, and click Paste on the shortcut menu.
    Tip: To quickly copy a form to another group or menu, click and drag the form to the desired location. This will not remove the form from its original location.
    Delete a form Click the form to select it, and then click the Remove button.
    Reorder forms on menus To change the order that forms are displayed on the device panel, right-click the form, and click Move Up or Move Down on the shortcut menu.
    Save the form as a template To save the form as a template for reuse in other menus or groups, right-click the form and click Save As Template on the shortcut menu.

    For more information, see Saving a Form as a Template.