How to Add a Form

Add a form to collect information and pass it to a workflow.

  1. If necessary, double-click the Fuji Xerox AIP component in a workflow to open the Fuji Xerox AIP settings dialog box.
  2. Click the group or menu where you want to add the form. Then, on the menu bar, first click Add Form and then click type of form that you want to create.
    Form Type Use to
    Basic Form Collect general information for a workflow.
    Send to DocuShare Form Send documents to a DocuShare repository
    Send to Email Form Send documents to an email destination.
    Send to Folder Form Send documents to a folder.
    Send to SharePoint Form Send documents to a SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 server.
    Send to Smarticket Form Send documents to a Smarticket repository.
    This displays the Form Settings dialog box with three basic tabs (General, Fields, and Components) plus the form type tab for any type except the basic form.
  3. In the Name box, type a name for the form in the Name.
    The name of the form will be displayed in the forms screen of the application, so use a text that describes the function of the form.
    For example, if a form is to send to the home directory for a user, then you can name it "Scan to User’s Home Directory".
  4. Optional: To display an icon for the form on the device console, enter the full path to an image file in the Icon box.
    An icon image must have the following characteristics:
    • PNG or GIF with transparent background
    • Dimensions: 44x44 pixels
    • Maximum size: 24 KB
  5. Optional: If you do not want the user to enter information about the document, select the Single Touch mode check box.
    Selecting this option starts the scan immediately after the user presses the form button on the device without prompting for further information.
  6. If authentication is required for the group that contains the form, then you can configure the Access Control options to specify users who can use the form:
    Choose To
    Public Access Allow all users who can access the group or any parent menu to use the form.
    Restricted Access Limit access to specific users or groups.

    Enter groups or users who can see the menu in the Allowed Users/Groups box. For Windows authentication, you can click the browse button (...) to select groups or users. Use the semicolon (;) to separate multiple entries in this list.

    Group membership is determined by the authentication type for the group that contains the form:
    • None — The Access Control options are unavailable.
    • Windows — Group membership determined by the Windows Groups that the user belongs.
    • Custom Script — Group membership determined by the Groups collection of the UserInfo object that represents the authenticated user.

      For details on the object model used in authentication scripts see the Fuji Xerox AIP Scripting documentation.

  7. In the Scanning Settings box, configure default settings for scanning documents.
    For additional information about each of the settings, see Basic Form.
  8. To modify the standard behavior of a form by responding to events, select the Enable Dynamic Form check box, and configure options for Dynamic Form.
    For more information, see Enabling a Dynamic Form
  9. Click the Fields tab, and add fields to the form.
    For more information, see How to Add Fields to a Form.
  10. Click the Components tab to activate and configure subsequent components in a workflow.
    • To activate or configure a component, click the browse button (...) in the Required field (properties) column of the Components list.
    For information about how to configure a component, click the Help button in a component properties window.
  11. For any form type except the basic form, click the form-specific tab and configure type-specific properties for the form.
    For more information about properties on this tab, click the Help button.
  12. Click OK when you finish configuring the form.