How to Restrict Access to a Form

If authentication is enabled for a group, you can configure authentication for forms in the group to restrict or change access to the forms.

The form you want to edit must be open in the AutoStore Workflow Process Designer. See How to Edit a Form.
  1. In the Form Settings dialog box, click the General tab.
  2. In the Access Control settings choose the access you want to apply to the form:
    Access Description
    Public Access Choose this option to allow all users with access to the group or menu that contains the form to use the form.
    Restricted Access Choose this option to only allow groups or users listed in the Allowed Users/Groups box to use the form. Separate users or groups in this list with the semicolon (;). When the authentication type for a group is Windows, you can click the browse button (...) to select Windows groups or users.

    Group membership is determined by the authentication type that has been specified for a device group:

    • None — Authentication not used for the form.
    • Windows — Determined by the Windows groups to which a user belongs.
    • Custom Script — Determined by the Groups collection of the UserInfo object that represents the authenticated user.

      For details on the object model used in authentication scripts, see the Fuji Xerox AIP Scripting documentation.

    To restrict access to groups and menus using Fuji Xerox AIP Authentication Agent and SmartCard authentication, see Restricting Access to Menus/Forms using Fuji Xerox AIP Authentication Agent.
  3. When you finish configuring settings for the form, click the OK button.