Send to Smarticket Form Options

Use a Send to Smarticket form when you need to send documents to a Smarticket repository.

Add forms on the Groups tab of the Fuji Xerox AIP configuration dialog box. To add a Send to Smarticket form, click any group or menu, then click Add Form > Send to Smarticket Form on the menu bar to open the Send to Smarticket Form Settings dialog box. In this dialog box, configure settings on the General, Fields, Components, and Smarticket Settings tabs.

Note: This form type requires that the Smarticket component is installed on the AutoStore server.

Smarticket Settings Tab

This topic describes options on the Smarticket Settings tab. Refer to the Basic Form Options to configure settings on the General, Fields, and Components tabs.

Option Description
  • Use authenticated user credentials for browsing — Select this check box to use user credentials entered at the MFP panel when authentication is enabled to log on to the Smarticket web service.
  • Username — Specifies a user name to be used for accessing the web service.
Web Service
  • Address — Specifies the name or IP address for the Smarticket web service.

    Enter the machine name or IP address where the Smarticket web service is located, then click the Test button to test the address setting.

The web service address format depends on whether SSL is enabled:

SSL enabled
https://server name:port


https://ip address:port
SSL not enabled
http://server name:port


http://ip address:port
Note: The port number is required.
  • Display ticket ID with ticket name — Select this check box to display the ticket ID as well as the ticket name in the list of Smartickets. Clear this check box to display only the ticket name in the list of Smartickets.