Fortis component RRTs

Component RRT ID

The RRT ID for this component is FTS.

Reserved Replacement Tag Names (RRTN)

The following table describes the reserved RTN values for this component:

RRTN Description
ID The unique identifier for the stored document, which can be used by the eConnector in proceeding components.

Example: Configure a process with the Fortis eConnector and Send to Database Route component. When Send to Database component is configured with the appropriate table, specify a field with the value of ~FTS::ID~. Once the documents are successfully stored into Fortis and sent to the Send To Database component, the database will now have an entry for the ID of the document saved.

Field Replacement Tag Names (FRTN)

There are no FRTNs for this component.

Special Set Replacement Tag Names (SSRTN)

There are no SSRTNs defined for this component.