Folder Store options

Use the options in the Folder Store Configurations to define how documents are stored are stored to a folder.

Option Description
Folder path

Enter the destination folder path where files are copied. The server must have write access to this folder. The input device can dynamically set the folder path.

Overwrite existing file

Select this check box to overwrites any file that has the same name as a routed file.

Rename file

Select this box to rename the output file based on the Schema option.


Enter the schema name for the output file name. You can use Runtime Replacement Tags (RRTs) to dynamically evaluate the schema at run time.

If the Rename file check box is cleared, the default schema name is:


For example, if the input file name is File.tif then the output file name will be File_1.tif when the file count is 1.

Check user security

Select the Check user security check box to enable the server to check for the write permission on the destination folder for the user specified in the User name box.

Select this check box to have the system confirm that the user or sender security level includes write access. This relies on a lookup in Active Directory Services to verify that the user has security rights to copy files to the designated folder.

Tip: To allow processes to write to a shared network location, use the AutoStore Service Manager to specify a domain name (domain\username) and password with write permission to the network share. You can use group permissions to provide access for multiple users.

Enter the user name for the directory. The most common usage includes use of RRT variables to evaluate this value at run time.