Troubleshooting tips

Problem Description Solution
Using Digital Sender with File Options component. If you place the File Options process component directly after the Digital Sender, then it overrides the Digital Sender options. If you have multiple process components, and you decide to place a File Option after your first process component, that first process component’s success and failures will not be affected by the File Options. If the File Option is in between two different process components, then, the second process component will be affected by the changes.
The service does not start. When adding a new tab name, make sure the "File Type Extension" entry does not include a leading dot. For example, if the file extension is .tif, enter "tif", without the leading dot.
Error message pops up when I decide to select the Move files radio button, and create a new folder entering the value Successfolder. You must specify the complete path for any folder. You have to specify a valid path, such as C:\Successfolder. The full path is entered automatically if you click the browse button (...) to specify the path.