FTP Store options

Configure attributes for the FTP site on this tab.

Set the attributes of the FTP site here.

Option Description
Server name

Specify the IP address or the server name of the FTP site.

You can also specify the ftp site as ftp://company-site.com.

User name

Specify the user name of the client that will have access right to the FTP site.

If you do not specify the user name, by default the access permission will be set to anonymous.

User password

Specify the password that is associated with the user name.

Destination Folder Path

You can specify the folder where the documents will be stored on the FTP server.

If you specify a new folder in the dialog box, a new folder with the same name is created on the FTP server. However, if you do not specify a path or folder name, the data gets stored on the root directory of the FTP server.

Overwrite Destination File

Check this box if you want the newly created files on the FTP site to get overwritten on the existing files of the same name on the FTP site.

If you do not check this option, the file will automatically be appended with a number that is incremented each time a newer version of the file is to be stored on the FTP site.

Rename File

Select this check box if you want the output file to be renamed based on the Schema settings.


Enter the schema name for the output file. You can use Runtime Replacement Tags (RRTs) to dynamically set the value of the schema at run time.