Advanced Settings tab

Options on this tab optimize the flow control settings.

Option Description
Activate Flow Control

Select this check box to activate the flow control options.

  • Transfer Rate in Milliseconds — Use this knob to set your desired transfer intervals in Milliseconds. The longer the interval the slower the transmission rate.
  • Buffer Size in Bytes — Use this knob to set the size of each transmitted buffer. The larger the buffer size the higher the transmission rate and the larger impact on the bandwidth.

The FTP Store component provides this method to flow control the speed at which the data is transmitted. The purpose of the flow-control option is to provide means to manage the impact of FTP transmission may have on the transmission bandwidth from remote sites. The flow control knobs allow you to control the size of the buffer and the transmission interval of each buffer. Additional control is provided to test the flow control speed and provide an easy to use method to check the transmission speed.

Run Test
  • Run Test – Test will be conducted against your FTP site.  Make sure you have specified correct FTP site, user name and password.  The tests are conducted using 100Kbytes buffers and at the end of each test cycle the results are reported in 100 Kbytes/X Seconds.  Where X is the number of seconds it takes to send 100 Kbytes.  Normal B/W documents are between 25 to 50 Kbytes.  The size of images could vary based on type of scanner settings and you should observe your scanner setting parameters.  Please note that you must have write access to conduct FTP testing against a site.
  • Stop – Click this button to terminate test buffer

To use the test feature the user must have access to the FTP site from the workstation.  This feature establishes connection to the FTP site and transmits “dummy” data to the FTP site to test transmission bandwidth.