Using the Encryption/Decryption component

You can use encryption component either to encrypt outgoing files or decrypt incoming files. For files to be correctly decrypted, the files received must be encrypted using one of the supported encryption algorithms, with a static encryption key.

Decryption technology is also integrated with the digital sender component so .hps files and image files received from a remote server can be decrypted.

Note that a process that has an active decryption component expects the file input stream to be encrypted (all files must end with “.cry” extension and be encrypted). Server currently does not support a mix of secured and unsecured files in a single process.

The following are common uses of the Encryption component:

Note that all encrypted files carry no embedded keys. If encryption keys are lost, then the data cannot be opened by any means. It is critical to maintain a thorough and secure track of encryption keys.

The decryption algorithm must match the encryption algorithm.