Encryption/Decryption filter options

The encryption/decryption filter options specify settings for either encrypting or decrypting files in a process.

Item Description
None Encryption/decryption is not activated.
Decrypt Activates decryption algorithms for incoming files.
Encrypt Activates encryption algorithms for outgoing files.
Algorithm Choose the encryption algorithm. AutoStore currently supports the following symmetric encryption algorithms:
  • ECB
  • RC2
  • RC4
Note: All files must have the same encryption key and encryption algorithm. Support for variable encryption methods, or variable encryption keys is not currently available.
Key An ASCII character string that is used to encrypt or decrypt the files. Note that the decryption key must match the encryption key.
Encrypt Select this check box to encrypt the Key string.
Reenter Key Reenter the encryption key string.
Key file The full file pathname for a key file. You can use any file or file type for encryption and decryption as key. The file content of the file used for decryption must match the file content of the file used for encryption.
Note: The server must be able to access and open the specified file.