Welcome to the POP3 Email component

POP3 Email is a Capture (source) component used to retrieve Email messages from a mail server that supports POP3 protocol. This component retrieves and processes the Email messages including any attachments from the designated mailbox one at a time. The content of each email message including any attachments will be retrieved and processed as a single job. Upon completion of the processing by this component, the email message will be removed from the designated mailbox.

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol, Version 3. POP3 is a mail protocol that's used only to retrieve mail (from a POP3 enabled mail server), not to send mail. This component uses the POP3 protocol over TCP to query a POP3 enabled mail server for new mail messages.

In order to use this component, a "POP3 account name" and its associated password for a specific mail server must be supplied. POP3 account name is a unique name of an electronic mailbox. This information must be unique so only the intended owner of a mailbox can gain access to it.