General tab

Configure options to required to communicate with the email server.

Option Description

Enter the name or IP address of the mail server where the email message will be retrieved. This mail server should support the POP3 protocol.

User Name

Enter the account user name that will be used to connect to the mail server. POP3 account user name is a unique name of an electronic mailbox. This information must be unique so only the intended owner of a mailbox can gain access to it. The POP3 account name is very often the first part of an email address. For example, if an email address is, the POP3 account name is probably "suzyq".


Enter the password for the user name that will be used to connect to the mail server.

Port Number

The port number that will be used by the POP3 email component to establish a TCP connection to the mail server.

The default port for a an unencrypted POP3 connection is 110. The default port for an encrypted connection using SSL is 995.

This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) Select this check box if the server requires an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.
Save message body as a file

Select this check box to save the email as a text or html file.

Selecting this option does not have any effect on the existing email file attachments. A new file be created that contains only the email header and body content.

Keep raw message content. Select this check box to keep the unprocessed message content.

Click the browse button (...) to specify the folder where you want to locate unprocessed message content.