Using the EFI SendMe component

Use this component to capture documents that are scanned via the SendMe application into the workflow.

The user machine running EFI SendMe client communicates with the EFI SendMe component over a configured port to retrieve group, menu, form, action displays for the client SendMe application.

Capture documents via EFI SendMe component and place the documents in a folder
Create a process with EFI SendMe component followed by the Send To Folder component. Once the process is started from the Service Manager interface, the SendMe user selects AutoStore as the destination on the Main tab of the SendMe application, scans the files, and selects the Send tab. The user is then presented with the menu items that were configured using the this component.

You can choose a form to fill out index data for a file. If there is no need for indexed data, the user selects an action that would process the files into Folder Store route component for storage.