Select this option if you want to add a user group. Each group entry requires the following entries:

Field Name Description
Name Enter a name for the group you are creating. This is a string value describing the name of the group. This name does not appear on the SendMe application and it is used strictly as a logical group name.

This component is equipped with a default group called Common Group. You may add a menu, form, or action to the Common Group. Every user will receive the menu options under the common group. After you configure this component, the user can scan the files into the workflow and select a configured menu, form or action.

Root Menu Title Enter a menu title. This menu title appears on the SendMe application. Choose a title that the user can relate to a work task.
Member Name Click the Add button to enter either a valid domain groups or users that you want to have access to this menu entry. Click the Remove button to delete an NT user or group.