Select Permission Set

This dialog allows you to specify the permission set for a routed document.

All permission sets in Documentum are either external or internal sets, depending on whether they are created and managed externally by a user or internally by Content Server. External sets are created explicitly by users. Typically, they are created using Documentum Administrator. In addition, every set of permissions is either a public set or a private set. Public sets are sets that are available to use for anyone in the repository , and the private sets that are available only to the users who create them.

Option Description
Permission sets list The list in this dialog displays only the following permission sets:
  • New defined sets (by default external)
  • External public sets
  • External private sets of current user

To specify a permission set, select one of the permission sets from the list and click OK.

When a permission set is not specified, the routed document will have a default permission set, which is configured on the Documentum server. This default permission set may be associated with a folder, user, or document type.

New set Click this button to specify a new permission set in the New Permission Set dialog box.
Properties Select a permission set and click this button to view or modify the properties of the selected permission set. Click this button to open the Permission Set Properties dialog box.
Note: You can modify only the properties of a new permission set that was added using the New Permission Set dialog box and has not been created on the server yet. If the selected permission set already exists on the server, you cannot modify its properties.
Delete Select a permission set and click this button to delete the selected permission set from the list. This button is enabled only for new permission sets that have not been created on the server yet.