Restrictions and Limitations

  • This component supports the Documentum server versions 6.5 SP1, 6.5 SP2, 6.5 SP3, 6.6, 6.7 and 7.0.

  • To use DFC for connection, you have to have Documentum DFC Runtime Environment installed in the system.
  • This component may have problems when storing documents of 80 MB and larger. It is not recommended to route such documents with this component.

  • The Documentum server may have restrictions on the length of some settings (such as document name, permission or set name). Please check this with the server administrator.

  • When you use the ~DFS::DocumentURL~ RRT, the generated URL works for several hours after generation and then becomes invalid.

  • When you try to get information from the Documentum server at configuration stage, the component tries to connect to the server with a two-minute timeout. If the component fails to connect to the server during this time, it displays the "Connection is impossible" error message until the connection parameters are changed or the configuration is reopened.  

  • When you work with the Documentum server version 6.5 SP1, the list of docbases cannot be displayed without authentication. To display the docbases list in this case, you should enter the correct docbase name, user name and password.

  • The component can create new folder path only if the user has permissions to do so on the server.