Document tab

Enter the document specific information on this tab. You can use RRTs in text boxes on this tab.

Option Description
Type Enter the document type of routed documents. This component supports the following document types:
  • dm_document
  • dm_email_message
  • insurance_claim

The component also supports all the custom types whose parent type is one of those types. It is mandatory to fill out this text box.

Format Enter the format of routed documents. It is mandatory to fill out this text box.
Name Enter the name of documents. It is mandatory to fill out this text box.

You can achieve flexibility in naming documents by using RRTs in this field. For example, to preserve the original name of the document, enter the following combination: ~DFS::FileName~~DFS::FileExt~.

Title Enter the title of routed documents.
Subject Enter the subject of documents.
Keywords Enter comma-separated list of the keywords associated with documents. This is used mainly for searching.
Authors Enter comma-separated list of the authors of the document.
Permission set Specify permission set associated with routed documents. Permission set is a named Access Control List (ACL), that is, a set of permissions that can be assigned to users or groups for routed documents. Each user or group can have basic permissions and extended permissions that are available on the Documentum server.

You can type the name of the permission set or click the browse button (...), which opens the Select Permission Set dialog box. This dialog box allows you to select one of the available permission sets or to configure a new permission set. When a permission set is not specified, routed documents will have a default permission set, which is configured on the Documentum server. A default permission set may be associated with a folder, user, or document type.