Add/Edit Attribute

This dialog allows you to add an attribute to the Attribute list or to edit settings of a selected attribute. You can use RRT in all settings of this dialog.

Option Description
Name Enter the attribute name.
Type Enter an attribute type or select the type from the drop-down list. The attribute types are described in the Attribute Types table (see below).

The Type box allows selection of a type display name. However, the component stores internal name in the configuration, since the display name can be translated into another language in a localized version of the component.

Value Enter the attribute value. When specifying an attribute value, take into account the following:
  • Time type — The localized system format should be used.
  • Numeric type — A number can be represented with a simple record using the "." or "," character as a decimal point symbol according to the localized system format.
  • ID type — The correct values of the identifiers used in the Documentum server should be used. If the identifier is not allowed by the server, this value will be changed to the value recognized by the server. Therefore the assigned value may differ from the initially specified.
Table 1. Attribute types
Display name (English) Internal name Documentum type name Format
Boolean Boolean Boolean False or True
Double Double Double 123,45
ID ID ID 16 hex digit
Integer Integer Integer Any integer
String String String Any string
Time Time Time



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