Add/Edit Field

This dialog allows you to add/edit a document field.

Note: You can use RRTs in all settings of this dialog.
Option Description
Name Enter the field name.
Type Enter the field type manually or select from the list of display names, represented in the Field types table below.
Value Enter the field value. This text box cannot be empty for the fields of Dates and Numeric types. The following representation should be used for specifying the field value:
  • For Memo type, a value should be represented as a multiline text.
  • For Text type, a value should be represented as a text string.
  • For Keyword type, a value can be represented as a multiline text in which every line is as certain key.
  • For Date type, the localized system format should be used.
  • For Numeric type, a number can be represented with a simple record using '.' or ',' character as decimal point symbol according to the localized system format. A decimal point is placed automatically. Number of digits after a decimal point is defined in the special field’s property on the server. Value of numeric type is stored as integer and has the following limits: from -2147483639 to 2147483639. This is the DocuWare 5.x restriction.

Field types

The following table describes the possible field types with their display names and Internal names:
Display name (English) Internal name DocuWare 5.x type name
Memo Memo Edit field
Text Text Text 1...Text 255
Keyword Keyword Headwords
Date Date Date
Numeric Numeric Numeric
Note: The component stores the internal name of the type in the configuration, since display name can be translated to another language in a localized version of the component.