Enter Description Dialog Box

This dialog box allows you to enter a detailed description of the document that you send to the DocuShare.

Note: You can use RRTs in this dialog box.
Option Description
Description box Enter a detailed description of the document that you want to send to DocuShare in the text box.
Enquoted multiline text Select this check box to store the text of the description in enquoted multiline format.

This format encloses each line of text between quotation marks and delimits lines using \r\n. Because the slash (\) is used as an escape character, it and the quotation mark (") characters are changed to \\ and \. For example, if description text consists of two lines: "First line" and "Second line", it would be transformed \"First line\"\r\n\"Second line\". The text is not changed if this check box is not selected.

If you include line breaks in the text, the Enquoted multiline text check box becomes selected and disabled.

Note: The Enquoted multiline text check box should not be selected if the description contains RRT that can be replaced by a value that contains the \", \r, or \n symbols or quotes at the beginning and end of lines of text. In other words, text that is already in enquoted multiline format.