Add/Modify Property Dialog Box

This dialog box allows selection of the properties to be assigned to the document.

The properties are subject to change depending on document type specified on the Properties tab. Each document type has its own specific set of properties.

Option Description
Property Enter property name or select it from the drop-down list of the properties that are specific to the currently selected document type. You can use one or several available RRTs in this text box.
Value Enter property name. The browse button (...) is enabled only if the set of specific values exists for the selected property. The button opens the Select Property Value dialog box, which allows selection of one of the specific values for the property. You can use one or several available RRTs in the Value text box.
Note: When you select a property, the Value text box displays the default value of the property configured on the DocuShare server.
Type This text box displays the type of the selected property.
Required This text box indicates if the selected property is required or not.