Validate Filter Dialog Box

This filter is intended for validating metadata generated by other filters.

If validation fails, the component rejects a current job and outputs a specified error message into Status Monitor (or the log).

To validate the result of execution of a particular filter, you can use filter's RRTs that have boolean values depending on filter's result. You can check if the RRTs have expected values. For example, the Replace filter has ~DFT::%field name#IsEmpty%~ boolean RRT, where field name is a field name specified in the Replace filter. This boolean RRT is replaced with TRUE if filter result is empty. Otherwise, it is replaced with FALSE. You can specify Fail job if condition in the following way ~DFT::%field name#IsEmpty%~=TRUE, which means the filter result is empty. In this case the message specified in the Message field will be output to the log file.

Fail job if Specify an input string that is to be checked. Commonly, a boolean RRT of some other filter is used in this text box. Select TRUE or FALSE or enter any other value.
Message Specify an error message that replaces the component’s validation RRT ~DFT::ValidationResult~ if an input string equals the specified value in the = combo box.

The example of the filter usage:

Fail job if: ~DFT::%PathToInvoice#IsEmpty%~


Message: Invalid path to invoice specified

If the Replace filter generates ~DFT::%PathToInvoice%~ FRTN and it is replaced with an empty value at run time, then the component will reject the current job and the error message "Invalid path to invoice specified" will be displayed in the Status Monitor.