How to Use Data Filter

The below scenario is an example of the component usage.

A user sends documents to Workflow Server via an AutoCapture form. Each document describes a product, and the product’s Part Number is entered into the form. Workflow Server should rename the document to another form of a Part Number using the Manufacturer information and send it to a folder named by the product’s delivery date in the format MM-DD-YYYY. Manufacturer and delivery date should be retrieved from a database using the Part Number as a key. For example, if the part number is TSR.1002, product’s manufacturer is Philips, and the delivery date is 05/18/2010, then the input document should be renamed to PHILIPS-TSR-1002 and sent to the folder 05-18-2010.

For this purpose, perform the following steps:

  1. Build the workflow with AutoCapture, Data Filter and Send to Folder components.
  2. Configure AutoCapture component to receive Part Number information.

Configure the following sequence of filters in the Data Filter:

  1. Split filter to split the string by . delimiter.
  2. Lookup in DB filter, to retrieve the Manufacturer name and the delivery date from a database using the input data in the SQL query.
  3. Format Date filter, to convert the delivery date into the MM-DD-YYYY format.
  4. Make Upper Case filter, to convert the Manufacturer name into upper case.
  5. Concatenate filter, to concatenate the data to build new Part Number.
  6. Configure the Send to Folder component to send the document to the folder named by the delivery date using the RRT generated by the Format Date filter and to rename the document using the RRT generated by the Concatenate filter.
When the process is running and the user enters TSR.1002 value in the AutoCapture form, the document will be sent into the "05-18-2010" folder and renamed to "PHILIPS-TSR-1002".