Parse CSV Filter Dialog Box

This filter retrieves the CSV record’s field values from the input string and generates RRT for each field value.

The input string should be in CSV format. The filter uses specified delimiter and text qualifier.

Option Description
Field name Enter the field name of the FRTN generated by the filter.
Input Enter input string to be split into parts. Commonly, RRT is used in this text box. This text box may contain multiline text.
Delimiter Enter field value’s delimiter of the input string’s CSV format. For example, ";" (semicolon) or "," (comma).
Text qualifier Enter text qualifier. All characters of text enclosed within text qualifiers are considered as usual text symbols, not as delimiters.
Fail job if input/output is invalid If this check box is selected, the component will reject the current job if all of the output values are empty.

The filter generates an error in the following situations:

  • A delimiter value is not a single-character string.
  • A text qualifier value is not a single-character string.

The filter generates a warning in the following situation:

There are some data after the first record in the input string. In this case the filter processes only the data of the first record, ignores the rest and warns about it.

If the input string contains invalid CSV data then the output is unpredictable.

Result RRT:

~DFT::%field name, N%~ is replaced with a N-th CSV field.

The example of the filter usage:

Input: 1997,Ford,E350,"ac, abs, moon",3000.00.

Delimiter: ,

Text qualifier: "

The generated RRTs will be replaced with the following five values:

  • 1997
  • Ford
  • E350
  • ac, abs, moon
  • 3000.00