Format Time Filter Dialog Box

This filter converts a string containing time in the system time format into a string containing time in a custom time format.

The input string should have a system time format of the machine where the Workflow Server is installed. The custom format may contain ordinary characters and format specifications.

Option Description
Field name Enter the field name of the FRTN generated by the filter.
Input Enter the input string containing time in the system time format to be converted into a custom format. Commonly, RRT is used in this text box.
Format Enter a custom time format for the output string. This custom format may contain ordinary characters and format specifications. The format specification is a character that represents a part of time string(hours, minutes, seconds, indicator for 12 - hour clock), preceded by "%" sign. The following characters for format specifications can be used:
  • H - hour in 24-hour format (00 - 23),
  • I - hour in 12-hour format (01 - 12),
  • M - minute as decimal number (00 - 59),
  • p - current locale’s A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock,
  • S - second as decimal number (00 - 59),
  • X - time representation for current locale.
Insert Click this button to select a part of custom format to be inserted into the Format text box (as an alternative to manual input). When you click this button, it displays a context menu of standard time formats (for English and German localization) and a list of time format specifications. The top section of the context menu contains the standard time formats; for example, HH:mm:ss. The bottom section of the context menu contains the list of main format specifications: %H, %I, %M, %p, %S.

When an item is selected in the list, it is inserted into the cursor position in the Format text box in the form of format specifications. For example, if you select "HH:mm:ss", it will be inserted as "%H:%M:%S".

Note: The time format does not support the format specifications whose decimal representation does not have a leading zero for a single-digit hour/minute/second.
Fail job if input/output is invalid If this check box is selected, the component will reject the current job if either the input string is invalid or output is empty. If this option is not selected and the input string is invalid, it will be returned at the output.

This filter generates the following boolean RRT that can be used in the Validate filter for metadata validation: ~DFT::%field name#IsInvalidtime%~. It is replaced with TRUE if the input string is not a valid time string. Otherwise, it is replaced with FALSE.

Result RRT:

~DFT::%field name%~ is replaced with the input date transformed into the selected format.

The examples of the filter usage:

Input: 2:46:49 PM

Format: %l:%M %p

The generated RRT will be replaced with: 2:46 PM.